Internet of Things (IoT) Communication


This folder contains library empowering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0. as the result of using reactive networking paradigm. Intentionally it is designed on top of OPC UA Part 14 Pub/Sub protocol supporting interoperability with any product compliant with this specification. Seamless integration with AMQP, MQTT, etc. allows meaningful data transfer in the context of semantics defined using OPC UA Information Model.


Main goals of this document are:
  • description of the IoT and the main difference between OPC UA client-server model and Object Oriented Internet Reactive Networking.
  • description how this project addresses the IoT paradigms,
  • instruction on how to build commercial products,
  • instruction on how to integrate the proposed solution with other existing on the marked, i.e. AMQP, MQTT, etc.


This folder contains the projects in concern.

IoT paradigms description

The starting point for this description is available at: IoT versus SCADA/DCS Data Acquisition Patterns


  • description of IoT/IIoT paradigms.
  • Object Oriented Internet Networking is empowering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Industries 4.0.
  • The role of MQTT and AMQP - How to get them together in a consistent meaningful way.

How to get started

The latest release contains the ready to use binaries of the ReferenceApplication. Unzip it and run .exe file to get started.